The Atom Builder

The Atom Builder 1.0

Learn how the first 20 element atoms are created
1.0 (See all)
Improve your Chemistry-related knowledge and find out exactly how the first 20 atoms form Mendeleev's Periodic Table of Elements are created. See the electrons, protons and neutrons that create the atoms and learn how the electrons are positions in shells based on their energy levels.

Chemistry teaching software which simulates the building of any of the first 20 atoms (up to calcium) on screen. Learn how atoms are formed from electrons, protons and neutrons and how the electrons are arranged in shells or energy levels. Includes a reference section
to support students learning with basic facts and information. Price includes full site license.
Use as a demonstration tool (using a projector), as a teaching tool - get pupils to access the reference sections before attempting the simulation, or as a revision tool prior to tests or exams.

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